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A Successful Unveiling Ceremony for Huaqiao College, Wenzhou University

    On July 1st, a successful unveiling ceremony for Huaqiao College, WZU was held in Report Hall 203 in CIE, WZU. Huang Yiyou, Deputy Minister of United Front Work Department of the CPC Wenzhou Municipal Committee, Liu Guanghua, Vice Chairman of Provincial Overseas Chinese Federation, Zheng Hongguo, Chairman of Municipal Overseas Chinese Federation, Xie Shuhua, Party Secretary of WZU and Zhao Min, President of WZU unveiled the nameplate of Huaqiao College together; vice president of WZU, and leaders from United Front Work Department of Municipal Committee, Li Ao Community, Li Ao Overseas Chinese Federation, Xian Yan Overseas Chinese Federation, and Joint Construction Office under the Province and Ministry of Education. as well as members of the leadership group of the Overseas Chinese Featured University Constructed by the Province and Ministry of Education, and  representatives of the faculty and students of CIE attended the ceremony.

    At 8:30am, the unveiling ceremony started after much anticipation. Zhao Min gave a speech to express his gratitude to people who care and support the development of Huaqiao College. He said that alongside the advances in Belt and Road Initiative and Overseas Affairs, Huaqiao College will enroll overseas Chinese students and provide with them a high-quality and diverse international education in the guideline of serving the Overseas Chinese, disseminating Chinese culture, and connecting Chinese and foreign countries. Huaqiao College will make positive contributions to cultivate outstanding young overseas Chinese descendants, to establish a new think tank of overseas Chinese, and to enhance the international image of WZU and Wenzhou. 

    After Zhao’s speech, Huang Yiyou, Liu Guanghua, Zheng Hongguo,  Xie Shuhua and Zhao Min unveiled the nameplate of Huaqiao College together. Then, Xie Shuhua awarded Liu Guanghua, Zheng Hongguo and Wang Yundi, Chairman of Li Ao Overseas Chinese Federation, Letter of Appointment as an adviser to Huaqiao College.

    Then, Ye Miao, Dean of Huaqiao College, signed an admissions cooperation agreement with Chairmen of Li Ao and Xian Yan Overseas Chinese Federation respectively.

    With its faculties’ endeavors and supports from all sectors of society, Huaqiao College will achieve a big success and make more contributions to the development of Wenzhou.